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Nairabox: Buy Movie Tickets Online

Yet again, another fantastic news this year. Nairabox (@nairabox ) is now LIVE at VIVA Cinemas Nigeria – Ibadan | Enugu | Ilorin | Ota.You don’t have to complain about Movie Queues or Sold Out movies anymore. You don’t have to wait until movie day to get your movie tickets.

Nairabox is now available at all VIVA Cinemas location nationwide.

Just visit, click on BUY ONLINE and follow the rest of the easy steps to get movie tickets from the comfort of your home or office.

This will mean more fun, entertainment and unforgettable cinematic experience.

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May 17


I have a question. last week I was at the cinema(viva cinema ENUGU ) to see a movie.
I asked to know the price for a ticket, I was told it’s N1500. After payment , the ticket was printed, I saw N800 as the price .
I called the help line (viva cinema ENUGU ) it rang severally no one answered .
Please I need better explanation.

    May 17

    Franklyn Eluagu


    The other part of the ticket is calculated as concession. If you received film food after buying the ticket then the N1500 payment is covered. If this does not clarify things for you, kindly send us a detailed email on the complain to

    Attach all tickets you received.

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