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3 Themes To Note In Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil

The Maleficent story line features a modern remake of sleeping beauty which sets its focus on portraying a more humane approach to villainy, following a trend where the ‘bad guys’ now take centre stage (like Thanos and Joker).

The movie narrative in MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL, focuses on a threat to the bond that has been built between Princess Aurora and Maleficent.

The expected face-off with Maleficent rears its head as she confronts multiple figures featuring power glides, gusts, threats and death.

Here are 3 themes in this movie that resonates with our real life experiences.



Angry Maleficent in The Evil Mistress

Having a rough history that has seen Maleficent’s life parade major high points such as betrayal and deceit, makes parenting a little difficult for her.

This was especially the case after Princess Aurora seemed to be making the same mistakes she made with love when she was much younger and thus, in a bid, to reason with her, couldn’t just seem to reach an agreement.

Such realities resonate well with us in our modern parenting dynamics and evolving trends. Thus, in this story, we get to project ourselves, taking mental notes of better ways to handle such situations.



Although, the young Aurora seemed to attempt marriage a little early with Prince Phillip, current realities suggest that the mean age of marriage has continued to rise.

This nevertheless reminds us of our love lives and an opportunity to reassess our experiences and progress in this domain.

Are all romantic love emotions a mistake? Are they often deceitful or is Maleficent’s take on love wrong and ill-informed? We explore these in The Evil Mistress.



It is often said that, ‘…when two elephants fight, the grass suffers’. This typifies a major part of of this movie’s narrative as Maleficent clashes with Queen Ingrith.

Managing conflict is such a big deal with Nations of the world,  locked in proxy wars, trade wars, and the likes.

It has become important to resolve conflict so much so, that October 17 is considered Conflict Resolution Day.

So how well does Maleficent manage the ensuing conflict? Could there have been better strategies? We find out as we watch this movie.


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