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5 Reasons To See Queen and Slim at VIVA Cinemas

Queen and Slim is not your everyday love story. It captures the perils of a politically divided America where being black is a reason for an overzealous concern.

It takes this rather serious issue, a notch higher with the slow, but sure bonding of Queen and Slim – the main characters of this movie.

If you are seeking an emotionally charged movie to enjoy with loved ones this valentine’s day, here’s one movie not to pass over.

Check out 5 reasons to make Queen and Slim part of your valentine menu.


1.) Protest Art With So Many Cues:

Queen and Slim

According Lena Waithe, Queen and Slim writer, the movie is a form of protest that tells the Black American experience. In this way, the movie is flooded with so many cues in tribute to this experience.

For example, The couple began to flee from Cleveland, – the same place where slaves from the Underground Railroad in the 1800s began their escape to Canada.

‘Slim’, the nick Daniel Kaluuya bears in the movie was chosen because many Black American males bear this same nick in a way to show that Slim is every Black American guy.

So many more abound! You can catch these and way more when you watch the movie this valentine!


2.) Melina directed Queen and Slim:

Melina Matsoukas

Melina Matsoukas, two-time grammy award winner for her directorial skills in Formation and We Found Love also directed this movie.

Although this is her debut in film, her success with critically acclaimed TV series such as Master of None and Insecure gives the confidence that her skill-sets are pretty much adaptable to different screening scenarios.

All evidence points to the fact that Melina did an awesome job in Queen and Slim. Watching this movie is now a priority ✌️.


3.) Daniel Kaluuya Does It Again:

Daniel Kaluuya in Queen and Slim

Daniel’s career has continued its upward stride following his award-winning performances in Black Panther and horror movie – Get Outtwo critically acclaimed movies!

He plays the role of ‘Slim’, the man whose date-night escalated into a horror story after he killed a cop in self defense.

Daniel would be firing another stellar performance with this feature, and our past experiences with this star prove we are in for a good time.


4.) Lena Waithe is Cruising:


Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe, writer of Queen And Slim, is yet another talented addition to this mix!

She is the writer of the hit series, The Chi and the first black Primetime Emmy award winner, for writing the “Thanksgiving” episode in Master of None.

Having her as a part of the movie crew is indeed reassuring, especially acknowledging how her acting (She starred in Ready Player One) will help impact how she executes her scripts, making us more eager to see the movie.


5.) Queen and Slim is Suspenseful:

Queen And Slim is Suspenseful

Suspense – that movie spice that grips an audience and keeps us on rails. It is what makes movies like Gone Girl, Memento, Sicario, and Source Code the kind of classics we will always remember.

Queen and Slim is indeed steeped in suspense, as the question of what happens next to the lovable duo on the run? Will someone snitch on them? Will they make a mistake? etc… is bound to keep us through the run-time as the nationwide search proceeds..

So here’s an equation for you! What happens when two lovers are on the run from the police that happens to be breathing down their necks?

Do you fall in love with the duo but know the police is inevitable or just hold on to the glimmer of hope that everything will be fine? We’ll only know in the cinemas!


So, what are you waiting for?

Mark your calendars and set your alarms!

Because, on Friday, 14th of February 2020, Queen and Slim will be showing at VIVA Cinemas Ikeja, Ilorin, Ibadan, Ota and Enugu

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