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5 Reasons to see Sonic The Hedgehog at VIVA Cinemas

Video game movies such as Assassins Creed and Super Mario Bros often didn’t impress game fans and movie critics alike.

It might have seemed that Sonic The Hedgehog would follow suit when after the release of its first trailer, there was a public outcry largely based on the central character’s design.

5 reasons to see Sonic The Hedgehog

On the contrary, movie goers are all praise for the movie.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be seeing the movie at the cinemas this weekend!


1.) Sonic Was Redesigned:

Sonic The Hedgehog before and After redesign.
Top: New Design; Bottom: Former Design

When Paramount Pictures released their first trailer of the widely popular movie adaptation of the Sonic the hedgehog game, their high hopes for pleasing the Sonic audience was momentarily stalled with public backlash against the design of the central character.

This made Paramount shift their release date to February 2020 in order to effect a design much more closer to its original ‘gamified‘ look.

The effect? positive reviews and a nod from public opinion that the new redesign was as desired.

Considering the effort to redesign Sonic’s look and perhaps change a few other things around after public opinion, we get the idea that the movie will be serving the desired entertainment and perhaps even more.


2.) Special Effects:

Sonic The Hedgehog

As already obvious, Sonic the hedgehog is heavy on VFX shots, but that is also a recipe for being a ‘cinema-pleaser’ considering how movies such as Avengers: Endgame, Alita: Battle Angel, Spiderman: Far From Home among others, were received.

Primary scenes featuring special effects include those where Sonic – the central figure in the movie, appeared. This   accounts for about 70% of the movie.

Others include the interesting vehicles used by Dr. Robotnik – the evil genius trying to perform experiments on Sonic the Hedgehog and a few others.


3.) This Hedgehog is Super Fast:

Very Fast Sonic The Hedgehog

Our love for characters with speed powers have often been great! Take if from the Flash, to Silver Surfer, Superman and many more.

Sonic is super fast as is already obvious in the trailer. But just how fast…? Well if one thing, we know he is fast enough to trigger a shutdown of power transmission!

We only get to understand the full import of his speed when we see the movie, but we can take a cue of his speed, when we note that Sonic seems to have a fascination for the flash.


4.) Reviews have been Favorable:

Since its release, many viewers (96% of Google users) love the movie! For comparison, Joker [2019] seats at (92%) while Avengers: Endgame (95%).

Most reviews have centered around just how funny the movie turned out to be.

Considering that at first filming, some scenes had to be re-shot to accommodate more action and less comedy, one wonders how comedic the movie would have turned out to be without the change?!

All things considered, who wouldn’t want an action movie with a compensating dose of comical shots?


5.) Ideal for All Audiences:

Sonic The Hedgehog appropriate for all audiences
Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

Sonic The Hedgehog is rated PG which makes Sonic The Hedgehog a family friendly one.

Having a family movie, with its first impressions being that of a hilarious and overall entertaining experience reminds us of Home Alone, one of the best family classics of all time.

With this movie already following in the footsteps of Home Alone, one can be sure to have 1 hour 39 mins well spent!

So hop on with your little siblings, nephews and nieces and enjoy an amazing time at the cinemas this weekend!


So, what are you waiting for?

Mark your calendars and set your alarms!

Because, on Friday, 21st of February 2020, Sonic The Hedgehog will be showing at VIVA Cinemas Ikeja, Ilorin, Ibadan, Ota and Enugu

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