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5 Reasons to See The Invisible Man at VIVA Cinemas

The Invisible Man from the stable of Blumhouse productions, known for their horror movies, takes an interesting angle, not always towed by other contemporary horror movies.

And here are five reasons why The Invisible Man should make your ‘Must-See’ bucket-list for the weekend.

1.) The Real Question: Is she Just Imagining?:

We have seen characters time and again go through some trauma that leave deep scars making them imagine things that aren’t there.

From the trailer, we are tempted to uphold such a skepticism. Is there really an invisible man or is there just something deeply wrong with Cecilia (Played by Elisabeth Moss)?

Suspense is always fun, there are a myriad of ways to interpret what’s going on and that in itself promotes continued interest throughout the movie.


2.) Horror With A Sci-Fi spin? Yes Please!:

As the trailer suggests, Cecilia accuses Adrian (Played by Oliver-Cohen) – who is a specialist in optics – of inventing a way to remain invisible.

Interesting right?

I mean, if Adrian was really invisible and not actually dead, the reason would be quite explanatory and not the paranormal dramatics we have gotten accustomed to with movies in the same genre!

How this turns out in the end would be a spectacle indeed at the cinemas!


3.) Blumhouse of Horror!:


As already mentioned, Blumhouse productions producers of top rated horror movies such as Get Out, The Gift, Creep, Paranormal Activity and more are the producers of this movie.

Thus, we get a sense of safety knowing that the movie producers know exactly what they are doing.

As an aside, Blumhouse also produced Fantasy Island still showing at VIVA Cinemas.

Thus, you can binge on horror movies at VIVA Cinemas thanks to Blumhouse!


4.) Elisabeth Moss and Falling Apart:

The talented actress has been known to take on roles where her sanity is in question. From Usto Queen of Earth, The Handmaid’s Tale and others.

This mastery of the portrayal of appearing to lose one’s grip has also earned her accolades including two Golden Globes, and several other awards.

Thus her execution of a similar role in The Invisible Man makes it a pretty reliable fact that Cecilia, is exactly what she should be.


5.) Peek into A Victim’s Narrative:

How do we begin to believe a victim’s plight when common norms disable us from believing the oppressor exists?

Or when the oppression cannot be immediately perceived e.g Psychological torture?

Seeing The Invisible Man puts us head on with the possible reality that some experiences shared though, not immediately intelligible, may actually be valid.

In this way, we get to take home that some victims may require more that just the surface analysis before we can begin to unearth their grievances.


So, what are you waiting for?

Mark your calendars and set your alarms!

Because, on Friday, 6th of March 2020, The Invisible Man will be showing at VIVA Cinemas Ikeja, Ilorin, Ibadan, Ota and Enugu

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