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Suga Suga

Romantic comedy centered around the family of a wealthy billionaire whose lust for young girls tears his family apart on the one hand and also an
intelligent young man who after failing to get a job with his driving school certificate, decides to disguise and work as a maid in the billionaire's mansion

110 mins TBC

The Wait

The lives of two couples, a job seeker, and a passionate doctor, intertwine in a tale of patience and redemption

110 mins PG

Believe In You

A contemporary thriller drama in an urban setting based on real-life event about a music producer Bayo determined to help young talents with big dreams, recruiting and giving them an opportunity they never had to showcase their God-given talents, everything seem to be in place until he crosses paths with Brenda an estranged female artist unable to pursue her dream in singing as she struggles to survive an abusive relationship.

120 mins 15

Sub Sahara

Taken from the TV Series, Sub Sahara, The film is an unorthodox story that highlights the confusion and lack of urgency of pressing issues in our country. The movie is exciting to watch as the writer entertains us with comic relief and suspense.